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How it Works

About Us

VoiceBase allows you to store all of your audio and video recordings in the cloud, making them instantly searchable by keyword and easily shareable.



VoiceBase allows you to search and share your recorded audio and video content by keyword and playback at the precise point you are interested in. Your entered search terms become color-coded and you simply click on a colored marker to listen to that specific section. Share the recordings for free and insert comments to engage others.


Within minutes after an uploaded event VoiceBase will deliver via email, click and play keyword links (AutoNotes) that are organized by topic for recordings over 30 minutes. These keyword links allow users to access the recording at the precise point the word or term is mentioned. Users now have a record of what was discussed in the uploaded event stored in their email. Users can also conveniently store the AutoNotes in their Evernote account where other similar or related information may already be stored.

Uploading Content

VoiceBase allows companies and service providers to upload high-volumes of audio or video content of any file length via API to be processed by VoiceBase, resulting in a searchable recording with extracted keywords and topics that may be exported to Evernote. These files may be stored and streamed by the enterprise or the service provider, or optionally stored and streamed by VoiceBase. Individual end-users may also manually upload files up to 75MB into VoiceBase for processing that includes full store search and share functionality. Once the files are processed the user receives an AutoNotes email notification. VoiceBase provides "Big Voice" capabilities, big data for spoken information in audio and video, that is accuracte, fast and cost efficient..

Unlimited Search, Share, Commenting

You can search your files by simply entering a keyword into the search bar. You can also enter multiple terms separated by a space. If you want to search for a specific string of words include quotations around the complete string or phrase. You can share your uploaded content with others by simply entering their email address. You can also insert comments at specific points in the recording and engage others.

Automatic Keyword Extraction and Topic Generation

VoiceBase makes the spoken information in your audio or video fully searchable by keyword. To better facilitate the discovery of a recording, VoiceBase automatically identifies and displays keywords from within the recording and categorizes these keywords by topics that are automatically generated. This makes it fast and easy to browse through a recording and click and listen to something that interests you. The owner or admin of a recording may also remove (right mouse click) some of the keywords or add terms to the list by clicking on the “add to keywords” link that appears for any positive search result.

Searching Public Media

VoiceBase provides search to high quality audio content such as from public radio and top podcasters. This content is available for keyword search for free from the top of our home page and can also be searched from your mobile device. User’s who want their content to get discovered may at anytime make their recordings publicly available.

Business Meetings and Calls

Search your audio, web or video conferences in just minutes after it’s completed. You can instantly recall the most important things said in any training conference from the web or on your mobile device and keep the conversation going after the meeting by sharing the recording with those involved and inserting comments. You can share click and play AutoNotes with others or have them easily stored in Evernote for anywhere access with other related information you may be storing.

Mobile Apps

VoiceBase supports a free Android app that allows you to upload your recordings to have them easily stored and made searchable. You can also access and replay any of your stored recordings at the precise point you want to listen to right from your mobile device. Our iPhone version is coming soon.


VoiceBase offers a FREE service with lifetime storage and search capability for limited audio and video capacity. Our Premium service includes up to 500 hours of audio storage and 50 hours of video storage for just $7.99 per month. The premium service also supports our priority indexing that makes your content searchable in just minutes after you upload it! If you are a large enterprise or service provider and would like to automate the uploading of your recordings please contact us at partners@voicebase.com and ask about our API.

Optional Human Transcription

Our breakthrough technology delivers a machine-generated set of keywords that allows you to search your audio and video content. The accuracy is largely dependent on the audio quality of the recording. If your application requires a near perfect complete transcription than you can request a human transcript for any specific recording at out industry leading rates!

Customer Support

If you have any other questions, concerns, or comments please contact us directly by emailing support@voicebase.com or calling (650) 897-5170.


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Search&Play Recordings

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