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About Us

VoiceBase allows you to store all of your audio and video recordings in the cloud, making them instantly searchable by keyword and easily shareable.


VoiceBase allows you to SEARCH (the automatically generated transcript of your recordings), SHARE and STORE voice recordings in a safe and secure way. Currently only US English is supported, other languages will be added in the future.


Whether it is recordings of lectures, interviews, presentations, conferences, consultations, sermons or any other recording, VoiceBase provides safe and secure storage, superior search and sharing with people you specify.


No Sign Up needed, simply login with your existing Google, Yahoo, Facebook, Twitter or other web login account.






So how does VoiceBase work? After login to VoiceBase you are presented with a list of your current Voice recordings.




To search your Voice conversations simply enter keywords mentioned in any of your conversations. Feel free to use asterisk for more variations. For example a search for mar* will search any word that starts with mar... such as market, marvelous, marine etc.


Mouse Over


After clicking the search button each word gets a color assigned that will correspond to the search markers on the found voice conversations.




Moving your mouse over the search markers will display the context of your search term.




A click on the title of a recording will take you to the recording and provide more options.




Now you can either click on a search marker to listen in directly at that specific section.

Or you can chose one of the tabs (Comments, Share or Transcription) to further interact with the recording.




A click on comments allows you to see comment s people left on the time line. You can reply or leave new comments as desired.




A click on Share allows you to share a recording with selected friends, or you can chose to make it public and share it through Twitter and Facebook.


A click on Transcription shows the transcript of a recording. Please note that the recording quality has a major impact on the transcript quality. For Machine Transcriptions the main goal is key word search, allowing a user to find sections in a recording and listen to them. Even though a transcript might look very wrong, in most cases it is adequate for keyword search. For those desiring high transcript quality, VoiceBase offers the option for human transcriptions when uploading content.

Costs of premium services

When uploading content user can select 3 different options:


1) Basic / Free : Provides free machine transcription and free online storage for a limited time period.


2) Premium: Provides machine transcription and permanent storage. If a recording is selected as premium, a user's Voice-Hour Balance displayed on top when logged in, is being deducted with the length of the recording. To store a 1h recording permanently 1h is deducted ONCE from the user's Voice-Hour Balance. Voice Hours can be purchased when logged in. One Voice Hour costs $1, less if larger quantities are bought. So in order to store 1h of content permanently, 1 Voice Hour is needed (cost $1). Each new account comes with free voice credits. Transcription are typically completed within twice the length of a recording and an email is sent to you when completed.


3) Human: This option is a human that creates a perfect word by word transcript of your recording, along with permanent storage on our service. The cost is roughly 150 voice hours per hour of content (so $150/h of content). Transcriptions are typically completed within 3 business days.


For more information about our service please visit our FAQ.


Use your existing Google, Yahoo, Facebook, Twitter, AOL or other Logins to skip sign up and just login directly to use VoiceBase. Just click here.



If you prefer to just create a VoiceBase account without using your existing Web Logins, just click sign up below.



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